Regular service contracts
PIMS Sewers and Drains is expert in the collection and disposal of liquid waste of all kinds. Our growing nationwide fleet of tankers and support vehicles means we have the resources to manage waste removal from the smallest to the largest quantities, for a full range of domestic, commercial and industrial customers.
Tailored to your needs
With our no-fuss approach to waste management, we offer a range of regular service contracts to suit individual customer needs. We also offer flexible contracts for seasonal industries whose requirements are variable.

Xylem We’re a 24/7 operation, so we can service your facilities after hours or at weekends, if you wish. With a contract, there’s no need to book our next visit. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or less frequently, we’ll ensure that a tanker arrives at the appointed time – every time – automatically empties your tank and disposes of the contents in an approved, professional manner.

High security environments
We are particularly experienced at working in high security environments such as airports (airside), MOD establishments, and water and sewage treatment works. We are in fact the only civilian company in Great Britain to have been awarded a military vehicle decontamination contract.
PIMS waste contracts offer:
Xylem Automatic service at agreed times
Xylem Service frequency to suit needs
Xylem No booking required
Xylem Nationwide, 24/7 operation
Xylem Domestic, commercial and industrial expertise
Xylem Xylem
Emergency call out hotline 0800 009 3611