Pressure jetting and drain unblocking
PIMS Sewers and Drains operates daily liquid waste haulage services
covering a variety of waste types including oil/water, aviation fuel mixes (slops),
anaerobic digestion (waste-2-energy) liquors and industrial cleaning residues.
PIMS pressure jetting offers:
Xylem Sludge and residue removal
Xylem Hygienic drain and gully cleaning
Xylem Spillage cleaning
Xylem Plant and vehicle decontamination
Xylem 24/7 service, nationwide
Xylem Drain maintenance
PIMS Sewers and Drains provides a far-reaching drain maintenance service, which includes pressure-jetting to remove unhygienic or unsightly residues after sludges have been removed.

This service is normally provided as part of the gully emptying process, and is also used to clean rooftop rainwater drainage channels, bunds enclosing oil storage tanks, surfaces where chemical or other spillages have been removed or neutralised, and military vehicles requiring decontamination prior to overseas deployment.

Pressure-jetting is undertaken for a variety of customers nationwide, including a number of prominent local authorities. Xylem
Xylem Xylem
Emergency call out hotline 0800 009 3611