Pipe relining
PIMS Sewers and Drains offers the latest technology for relining damaged drain pipes nationwide.
Xylem Xylem Minimal disruption
The process allows underground pipe damage to be repaired without excavation, and with minimal disruption to the drainage service. Relining is undertaken by fully trained and highly experienced drain specialists.

The pipe relining system quickly creates a new, permanent inner surface that covers cracks or other irregularities to prevent accumulation of sludge or other debris, and is totally leakproof. The damaged section is relined with an epoxy resin-coated fine fabric sleeve which is unrolled in the pipe and blown into position by compressed air, then pressed firmly into place by filling the pipe with hot water.
PIMS pipe relining offers:
Xylem Nationwide availability
Xylem Specialist technology
Xylem Permanent repair solution
Xylem Quick fix, minimal disruption
Xylem No excavation
Xylem Xylem
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