Emergency response
PIMS Sewers and Drains is a specialist in the emergency response sector, with depots nationwide and teams on standby 24/7 to respond immediately to drain, sewer or chemical spillage incidents.
The service is available to all customers, from large industrial and public sector organisations to individual homeowners. All customer get the same high quality service, with rapid response, efficient and professional action, and competitive prices.

Xylem Rapid deployment
For more serious problems, our emergency response units ensure rapid deployment of pollution prevention and environmental damage limitation equipment. These crucially important emergency support vehicles are equipped to handle most tasks on site and have spillage containment devices and absorbent materials, pumps, personal protection equipment and tools for post-spillage clean-ups.

GPS tracking
We use the latest GPS vehicle tracking system to track our LEZ (Low Emission Zone) compliant vehicles at any time, so we can immediately locate the tanker or van nearest to your premises, facilitating faster response times.
PIMS emergency response offers:
Xylem Professional clearing of blockages, spillages and pollution incidents
Xylem UK Spill accredited
Xylem Major incident capability
Xylem 24/7 rapid response
Xylem Nationwide service
Xylem Competitive pricing
Xylem Xylem
Emergency call out hotline 0800 009 3611