Drain repairs
PIMS Sewers and Drains, offers full in-house capability for the complete range of drain repairs, including relining and replacing drain pipes.
Xylem Xylem Quick diagnosis and expert evaluation
Damaged pipes are a major cause of blockages, which result when sludge or other solid matter progressively accumulates around trapped particles. Leaks from broken drains may lead to health and safety problems.

Coupled with its nationwide facility to identify and pinpoint drain problems such as cracked or broken sections, Pims Sewers and Drains is able to mobilise resources to undertake permanent repairs at short notice. With CCTV providing an accurate record of the problem and its position, it is relatively simple for survey teams to evaluate the available remediation options, such as relining the affected section or replacing it, either by excavation or from inside with ‘pipe bursting’ technology. Today’s repairs are the equivalent of keyhole surgery for drains.
PIMS drain repairs offer:
Xylem Speedy diagnosis of problem
Xylem Expert evaluation of remediation options
Xylem Permanent repairs at short notice
Xylem ‘Keyhole surgery’
Xylem 24/7, nationwide service
Xylem Xylem
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