CCTV Surveys
Some blocked drains or sewage overflows can be persistent and the underlying cause can often be difficult to find.
It is important to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible – which is why we now offer a mobile CCTV response unit. Fully equipped with the most up-to-date, high quality technology, our CCTV unit allows us quickly to pinpoint any defects within the pipe.

Utilising the latest WinCan software, the CCTV van acts as a mobile office enabling our professional experts to compile fully detailed reports, drawings, videos and DVDs whilst on site. The report and DVD data can be e-mailed to customers from the van. This is especially in case of emergencies which may present the potential to cause pollution.

Xylem We use high quality Pearpoint camera systems, including explosion-proof (intrinsically safe) rigs capable of surveying up to 300m pipe runs. The P400 camera tractor features continuously variable speed control coupled with a pan-and-tilt head for closer inspection of faults. If sites are inaccessible to vans we can conduct surveys using one of our off-road CCTV vehicles. All CCTV are confined space and Chapter 8 trained.

Remedial action
When pipe damage is identified, we are able to provide immediate recommendations on remedial action and conduct the necessary works without delay, to minimise disruption. PIMS Sewers and Drains also has specialist equipment for high-pressure jetting and blockage clearance, and provides this service – together with CCTV surveys – for a number of prominent local authorities. The service is also offered to private customers on a 24/7 basis, so if there is a blockage we will send a trained operator to clear it quickly and efficiently at a competitive rate.
PIMS CCTV offers:
Xylem Nationwide, 24/7 service
Xylem State-of-the-art technology
Xylem Rapid identification of defects
Xylem On site reports and video
Xylem Up to 300m survey length

Xylem Xylem
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