Design of new plants
PIMS Wastewater Treatment Plants division designs package sewage treatment plants to suit the needs of a wide ranging client base.
Design experts
Our experienced design engineers work with commercial, industrial, domestic and public sector clients across the UK, to develop the most appropriate sewage treatment solutions where conventional mains sewerage is not available. We specify treatment plants for installations serving anything from 4 to 5,000 people. Our solutions for remote homes, hotels, businesses, schools, local authorities and other institutions ensure reliable, odour free treatment of the waste stream, and ensure that the final discharge will comply fully with the permit to discharge issued by the Environment Agency.

We also design and supply grease traps and tertiary treatment systems for use in conjunction with package sewage treatment plants to improve the treatment process. In many cases, the demands of the Environment Agency permit may require that an existing system needs additional processes added to comply and we are able to offer a complete assessment, followed by a turnkey service to supply and fit these systems.
PIMS design offers
Xylem Package sewage treatment plant design
Xylem Grease separators
Xylem Tertiary treatment systems
Xylem Environmental licensing and compliance
Xylem Extensive system design expertise

Xylem Xylem
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