Oil separators
PIMS Wastewater Treatment Plants solve oil spillage problems to protect the environment.
Oil Separators are mandatory for all large drained areas subjected to vehicular loading, protecting the environment against pollution by hydrocarbons diesel, petrol or engine oil. Our solutions ensure full compliance with PPG3 and pr EN 858-2 European environmental legislation.

Minimise pollution
There are two types of separator, both available in two classes, to minimise risk of pollution. Class 1 types discharge less than 5mg of oil per litre to surface water drains. These include a coalescer filter which will need replacement periodically. Class 2 separators achieve less than 100mg per litre, for authorised discharge to foul sewers. All are fitted with closure devices and oil level alarms.

Xylem Bypass separators are designed typically for short stay car parks with limited risk of spillage. They fully treat all flows from rainfall up to 6.5mm/h, any further run-off is regarded as clean and bypasses the interceptor.

Full retention separators protect vehicle maintenance areas and petrol forecourts with higher risk of spillages, treating the full flow of rainfall up to 65mm/h. Contaminated water is held for oil and water to separate, after which decontaminated water is discharged. Oil is held for specialist removal. Forecourt separators also have an increased storage capacity to accommodate 7,600ltrs of separated light liquid in the event of a major spillage a full compartment in a road tanker.
PIMS offers
Xylem Separator and alarm commissioning
Xylem Bypass and full retention separators
Xylem Forecourt separators
Xylem Oil level alarm system installation and testing
Xylem Service and maintenance including filter replacing
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